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I have known John personally for a number of years. He is a great friend, a loving husband and a wonderful father to his six beautiful children. Through the time I have known John, I have found him to be an honest, responsible and genuine person, exemplary in character. With John there is no reading between the lines, what you see is what you get. He has a great faith in God, he knows Gods word and is faithful in practicing what he reads. John is an extremely gifted communicator of bible truth; both through spoken word and also through his music. His musicianship is of a very high standard. Seeing John perform in concert is an inspiring and thoroughly edifying experience. His songs are full of truth and his style is accessible to all ages. I highly recommend him.


Rod Gear, 

Co-founder of Sons Of Korah


0425 740 507


John Red is a gifted singer, songwriter and musician, whose songs express something of the indescribable beauty of our Saviour and passionately remind us of His call - to surrender all that we are for the cause of the Gospel...  but Not only does John sing and speak with conviction and purpose, he and his family live their lives with this same conviction, in a simple and yet uncompromising devotion to Jesus. You will be moved, challenged and above all invited to take a step closer towards Him and the life of meaning and purpose that he offers. 


Dave Black 


Former Worship Pastor for the Tollington Parish,

London (Bishop Sandy Millar)

Assistant Pastor for St. Swithin’s, Lincoln (Rev Jim Prestwood)


Speaking personally, experiencing John Red’s ministry challenged me. It woke me up from a very dry place and it brought me closer to God in worship. I would encourage anybody out there, if they want to experience a voice challenging them to go deeper with God I cannot recommend John Red and his entire family enough. To have them come in and minister to you is something special.


D.J Paine 

Geelong’s 96Three FM  


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